Property Strategy

Every successful property owner and occupier requires a strategy.

From making investment decisions to determining the best location or use of space, a strong strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. Turnkies has a proven track record in providing property strategy advice to both property owners and occupiers. 

Design Advisory

The experience economy is more relevant than ever, and your space is the primary environment for your staff and customer experience.

Your space is a tool for brand engagement, marketing and supporting your business objecitves, and we can help you get the most out of it. Our design advisory service will help to ensure your property is highly functional and future-proof.

Fit out of a store or office space can be stressful and extremely costly. Turnkies are able to assist from briefing to completion. We can help to set up your space for success, helping you to achieve your vision.

Tenant and Landlord Representation

It is powerful to have an expert on your side.

 Using years of industry knowledge as well as established best practice, we ensure that all your negotiation, fit-out and subsidiary property needs are looked after, professionally and efficiently, ensuring equitable deals in the marketplace.

As an industry expert, Turnkies is fully versed in the requirements of municipal bylaws, such as zoning and liquor licenses. Coupled with an innate understanding of the landlords systems and processes, we will guide you through a smooth negotiation process.

Property Analytics

Stay ahead of your competition.

Using the latest in AI and location technology, we are able to assist you in  making informed decisions about their spaces and tracking changes in customer base over time.

Decisions such as which neighbourhood to grow your business into, which brands to bring into your shopping centre, and whether to relocate at all can all be made simpler with Turnkies analytics technology. Empower your decisions with our powerful movement and demographic data, giving real time insight into your client and customers, and trends over time.   

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